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About Sarah Matheson
Sarah holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology, a master’s in counseling, and a master’s in neuropsychology. She is extensively trained, having worked in both hospital and outpatient mental health settings. She has seven years of hospital experience including Barrow Neurological Institute and Massachusetts General Hospital, the teaching hospital for Harvard Medical School. Prior to opening her solo private practice in 2003, she was on staff for five years at the Psychological Counseling Services, a nationally recognized group private practice in Scottsdale, Arizona.

She is highly qualified to address a number of issues and concerns including depression, anxiety, relationship challenges, trauma resolution, stress management, codependency and boundaries, and addiction challenges including love and sexual addiction. She is a specialist in the treatment of psychological trauma resulting from sexual, physical, or emotional abuse, deprivation, accidents or adult traumas and is a level II EMDR-trained clinician. She is passionate about assisting men and women in facing the emotional struggles that may be obstacles to healthy relationships and in assisting couples to find deeper levels of intimacy. She also believes in nurturing the spirituality of her clients, when that fits with their goals. She has great interest in Jungian psychology, incorporating dream work and creativity in psychotherapy for those who want to augment their treatment with this approach.