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Trama Resolution / EDMR
Sarah’s education, experience and training helps clients to address issues related to trauma, including sexual, emotional, spiritual, and physical abuse, as well as neglect and acute traumatic events. Sarah is considered a Meadows trained therapist, trained directly by Pia Mellody in Post-Induction Therapy. Pia Mellody is a world renowned pioneer in the areas of codependence, boundaries, and the effects of childhood trauma on emotional development. Sarah is also a Level II EMDR trained clinician. EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) is a method of psychotherapy that has been proven effective for the treatment of trauma.  EMDR has been endorsed both by the American Psychiatric Association and the Veteran’s Administration.

Psychospiritual and Psychoanalytic Work
For those wanting to explore the deeper
layers of consciousness from a Jungian and psychoanalytic perspective via dream work, art, meditation and psychoanalytic psychotherapy.


Empowering Relationships
Sarah helps couples and families on
developing improved intimacy, connection,
and communication.

Addition and Recovery
Sarah addresses both sexual and love
addiction, as well as codependency. She is
also an excellent resource for those in
recovery from substance abuse, who now
want to address issues of mood disorders, boundaries, trauma, relationship rebuilding,
and spiritual development.

Emotional Struggles
Sarah treats depression and anxiety, as well
as stress management and emotional coping, using a multimodal approach.

Group Work
Please inquire about Sarah’s dreamwork and meditation groups.